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Reviews of Born of Necessity

Boschi, Joseph S.
The Incredible Plan to
Save our Nation

Oak Ridge Publishing (280 pp.)
$19.95 Paperback
$1.99 e-book
January 15, 2012
ISBN: 978-0984327096

A covert organization's next step after eliminating a key player in an anti-government association is the removal of the U.S. president from office in Boschi's thrilling sequel to Conceived in Liberty (2011).

The Dozen—a group of wealthy men recruited to bankroll the president's election in an effort to control the government—is struggling to investigate a member's assassination and the loss of a considerable amount of money. Meanwhile, the New Wave Patriots enlist Roland Southfield, the man behind the aforementioned mission, to make certain someone new is behind the desk in the Oval Office. Roland pools his resources, aided by Sharon, a former lover who works at the company once owned by a man Roland helped kill. Boschi's novel, which picks up where his previous title left off, presents much of the narrative by way of characters' dialogue. It's a somewhat unusual but quite effective approach, as it amply details the plot and advances the story. This choice functions thematically as well, the implication being that a constant exchange of information is more powerful than any weapon. The author enhances the novel with such nuances as an elusive mastermind (Penny, whom Roland has never met), tactical components known as "the magic potion and "the courier" and a double agent among the Patriots. The juiciest parts deal with Roland and Sharon, whose rekindling of their past romance is burdened by the fact that Sharon remains in the dark about Roland.

A political thriller driven by characters armed with knowledge.

* * * *

"Just finished reading it. Wow, what a great book. Loved every page of it. I read a lot of books kind of like this and this one ranks up there at the top. It was good how it built up to the ending. I kept waiting for something to happen to ruin the plan and it didn't. Of your 3 books this one is the one I enjoyed the most. Really a fun book for me to read."
- L.R., Sarasota, FL

"Great story; riveting and the unexpected; hard to put the book down."
- F.V., Cedar Knolls, NJ

"I found the book very enjoyable, well written and held my interest throughout. Can see the possibility of a third book and would love to see that happen. This book had a lot of twists and turns and did not disappoint."
- C.W., St Petersburg, FL

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Reviews of Conceived in Liberty

"Conceived in Liberty is great; can’t wait for the follow up book and see where the story goes!"
- Joyce G., Capitola, CA

"I just want to say how much I enjoyed reading this book. It was very well written and easy to follow. Had a great story line. Can't wait for the sequel."
- Cliff W.  Cleveland ,Ohio

"The story is intriguing and I enjoyed it; ready for the sequel!"
- Jim L, Franklin, NJ

"Thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to finish and the ending had me much surprised and delighted! I am looking forward to the follow on story."
- Gordon L, Lincolnshire, England

"I liked it a lot, especially the first part. You have a big knowledge about finances and some special ops stuff. I like reading books by Vince Flynn, Joseph Baldacci, Clancy and Robert Ludlum to name a few and I really admire your writing skills. I have lots of ideas about a book I would like to write but know I can't put it down like you."
- Les R., Manassas,VA

"While I enjoyed the entire book, I really liked when the site selection developed and the appearance of Tommy and Milo. Really really Great!!!! "
- Jim M., Charlottesville, VA

"Your style, attention to detail and creativity were packaged together for a great read; you have talent and a gift; looking forward to your next text."
- Edward W., Detroit, MI

"Great work on your book, Joe! Woo Hoo!!"
- Dawn W., Claremont, FL

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Reviews of Extra Innings

"Read it in one night. Had a good time matching book characters with real people."
- Cliff W., Cleveland, Ohio

"Always knew he would write a story some day."
- John D., Sayreville, NJ

"Great story and mixture of sports and business."
- Dave B.,Reading, MA

"Loved the story. My kids did too. They wanted to know how Mom got to meet this writer."
- Janet H., Syracuse, NY

"Joe has some imagination."
- Rich F., Sacramento, CA

"Loved the story. Can't wait for the movie."
- Jan W., Sturgeon Bay, WI

"Kept me interested the whole way."
- Noel J., Baltimore, M

"Wish I knew Theresa."
- Phil C., Deerfield Beach, FL

"I always knew Joe would write something this good."
- Marlene B., Santa Cruz, CA

"Loved that part three."
- Jim S., Buffalo, NY

"Brought back good memories."
- Gail S., Seattle, WA

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